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About Vastcart

The Vastcart Movement helps local stores team up to offer an alternative to big online retailers, (Amazon, Walmart, etc.) This keeps our neighborhoods strong and money in our community.

We started Vastcart because we understand where technology is taking the ecommerce industry. Big businesses like Walmart, Google, Amazon, and eBay  were exploding and we always knew there would be an invasion of privacy, anti-competition with sellers.  We recognized that providing a platform for Houston small business will forever be important. Even though those companies have a little percentage of their sales coming from their marketplace,  they continue to use ruthless practices to intimidate and manipulate sellers. They do this by competing with sellers, charging them higher tier  commissions, deleting seller stores, and by manipulating incoming traffic to sellers’ stores. This  creates a monopolistic and unfair environment for our local sellers.

Vastcart marketplace charges zero dollar for listing and lower commission on sales, easier to set up, sellers can sell handmade products, new or used products and market their services for free and we guarantee our sellers privacy and fairness.

Everything you find on this site comes directly from a local Houston retail store. 

Please join the movement we're stronger together