Sell on Vastcart

Our selling advice

We’ve helped millions of Houstonians buy and sell products & Services — and we’ve learned a few things along the way. Here are our top 7 tips to help you earn more and sell faster.

1. Track trends

Check Instagram or TikTok to discover which brands and micro-trends are taking off. You can turn these pieces over for a quick sale on Vastcart — but not for long. Snap it up and sell it before the trend flames out 

2. Sell seasonally

Shoppers buy for the upcoming season. Coats and boots in the fall, sundresses and sandals in the spring. List your item at the right time to follow demand and boost your chances of selling. 

3. “Rent” for events

Sometimes you find an outfit that’s perfect for an event... but not much else. Instead of letting it collect dust, think of listing as renting. Turn your statement pieces into earnings that you can use toward your next event outfit. 

4. Take great photos

The better your pictures, the faster your item sells. Set up your item in bright, even light, and take plenty of photos. Make sure all the details are clear, including any flaws. Bonus points for displaying it on a mannequin.

5. Describe in detail

When it comes to your listing description, honesty is the best policy. Shoppers want to know all the little details (including the flaws) so they can buy with confidence and won’t try to send your item back.

6. Price fairly

Pricing is all about balance — high enough to match your piece’s value, but low enough to sell quickly. When you go to list an item, we’ll give you a price recommendation to optimize your listing. You can also check what similar items are selling for on Vastcart 

7. Respond Quickly

Shoppers can ask questions on your listings, contact with you to ask questions, or make an offer. Respond quickly, and they’ll be more likely to buy — and come back to you for future purchases.